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About Me

Hi! I’m Alex. I work as a data engineer currently for DeliveryHero here in Berlin, Germany. I’m in my mid 30s, married, and we’ve got two dogs: Ruger and Pippa.

I’m half East Indian and half Yugoslavian. I call Portland, Oregon home – well I used to. I don’t know if we will ever leave the EU. More on this in a post in the future. Stay tuned. But anyway, I like computers, sci-fi, my dogs, traveling europe with my wife, and Taco Bell, Mountain Dew, and just eating good food.

Why This Blog

I set up this blog to post my thoughts and give back. I’ve learned a lot and wanted to share it with the rising generation of engineers. Some of the posts will be political, personal, about current events, etc., but I will also have many posts that relate to careers, programming, and data engineering.


Myself and our female dog, Pippa who is about 6.


Myself and our male dog, Ruger who is about 7. Me-And-Ruger

(If anyone knows how to make it such that their dogs never age and live forever do get in touch, please!)

My custom-built workstation


CPU           : AMD 5600X @ Noctua HSF

RAM           : 64GB DDR4

GPU           : NVidia 3060Ti

STORAGE       : 1TB NVMe

STORAGE       : 6.4TB PCI-e Intel SSD

COOLING       : Way too many Noctua fans

PSU           : 850W modular

OS            : Fedora 37


EDITOR        : Neovim
My Workstation

Thanks for visiting the blog, stay tuned there’s a lot more to come!

And lastly here’s what my work setup often looks like What My Setup At Work Setup Looks Like


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