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Cookies So Good We Drug Mule Them To Us

date: Mon Apr 17 08:32:47 PM CEST 2023

We Came For The Quiche But We Came Back Again And Again For The Cookies

When we lived in Hamburg we had a lot of luck finding good places to eat by scouring the surrounding area on Google Maps and looking for highly rated places and then trying them out. It wasn’t fool proof but more often than not we found ourselves in our newest favorite place. One such place is Nasch Cafe.

They specialize in vegan foods. The first time we went we had a typical lunch: quiche, a pannini, etc. And then for desert we tried the chocolate cookies which at the time were called “schoki schoki walnuss” (chocolate chocolate walnut) and are now called “darkside”.

Wow. We were blown away.

I’m not a food blogger or even a fan of most things vegan. So I don’t really have all the words to describe the cookies, you just have to try them yourself. I can just say that they don’t taste vegan. They taste like amazing chocolate and walnut cookies. The chocolate is not too bitter or too sweet, the density is good, and the don’t make you feel heavy afterwards. They just might be the perfect cookie.

Subsequent visits to this cafe had us always buying some cookies and occasionally getting a quiche or two, but we never stopped by without getting at least a few cookies.

Here’s the review I left after our first visit:

The First Google Maps Review Of Nasch We Made

Fast forward a few years and now we live in Berlin and we’re sad we’ve not been able to find a place that makes cookies that rival that of Nasch’s cookies.

So when a friend mentioned they were planning on coming to Berlin I asked them if they’d bring us some. We bought all that they had! (Nasch folks if you’re reading this, sorry, the cookies are just that good.)

The Bag Of Cookies

So if you’re in the area in Hamburg check them out at: Caffamacherreihe 49, 20355 Hamburg.

They take credit card. They’ve got a really nice vibe inside. It reminds me a lot of a Portland coffee shop. And anything that reminds me of home wins extra points in my book!


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