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On Pronouns

date: Thu Apr 27 04:36:03 PM CEST 2023

This blog is a bit of a “who is Alex” sort of endeavour. I feel like I have some worthwhile ideas and stances on things that I’d like to share and these “hot-takes” I’d like to put out on a platform that I own (like this blog) and not add to the fervor for free on a platform like Twitter.

I thought that the above preamble was important to address the why-this-post question. I hope this sets the scene well enough.

Okay, with that out of the way here’s the crux of this post:

I Will 100% Support Your Pronouns Whatever They Are

Transitioned or transitioning? I’ll do my best to not only refrain from deadnaming you but also will use your preferred pronouns. And even if not transitioning, whatever you identify as, whatever your preferred pronouns/name etc., I’m here for it.


Because who am I to dictate who you are? Who am I to impose my normative thinking on you?: You tell me how and what to call you and we’ll get to work.

Please, don’t misinterpret my get-to-work attitude on this to be dismissive of the those in the LGBTQIA+ communities, far from it. I do not nor can I begin to understand what trials people in those communities go through be it persecution externally and/or any internal turmoil from coming to terms with things as important as gender identity and/or sexual orientation.

So in support I commit to show that support by honoring your preferred pronouns.

It’s that simple.


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